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Ancestors in Specific Locations:
Buckinghamshire, England

Buckinghamshire is a county located near London, slightly to its northwest. Historically, agriculture had dominated the economic scene, with the majority of people making their living from farming and cattle. However, the county also had some strong local industries such as lace making and straw plaiting. The lace produced in the county was recognized throughout England for its high quality and beauty.

Although England was very much a part of Western Europe, it stood apart several ways. Differences between the history of England and the Continent created a unique setting which affected the daily lives of peasants there.

Life in Buckinghamshire was similar in most ways, but different in a few ways, from life in the rest of England. You will find that quite a bit of the information below applies to other English counties.

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 Some Major Events in History
   The Roots of England’s Ruling Body – the Glorious Revolution of 1688
   Industrial Revolution (1780 onward)
   Unrest and Reform: Chartist Movement and Corn Laws (1837-1846)
 Peasant Life
   Living Conditions
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