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Ancestors in Specific Locations:
Skåne, Sweden

Skåne (or Scania in English) is the southernmost province of Sweden, located just across the Baltic from Germany and across the Sound from Denmark. In its early history, Skåne was part of Denmark. Although it has remained officially part of Sweden since 1658, Skåne has retained its close tie to Denmark.

Skåne has historically been the site of numerous battles – although mostly during the 1600s. Peace has reigned there now for nearly two hundred years. The land in much of the area is rich farmland. Partly because of this, Skåne was known as the “breadbasket of Sweden.” Peasants here still lived hard lives – but they had some advantages to peasants in the areas around them.

Life in Skåne was similar in many ways, but different in some ways, to life in the rest of Sweden. You will find that a lot of the information bellows applies to all of Sweden.

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 Major Events in History
   Sweden Acquires Skåne (1658)
   The Great Northern War (1700-1721)
   Age of Freedom (or Liberty) 1718-1722
   Gustav III and the Russo-Swedish War (1788-1790)
   Napoleon’s Effect (1808-1815)
   Peace in Skane (1814)
   Enskifte or Enclosure Movement (mid 1700s to mid 1800s)
   Emigration (nineteenth century)
 Peasant Life
   Land Divisions
   Farming and Chores
   The Village
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